German Shepherd Dog as Pets

German Shepherd dogs are known for their fidelity, bravery and ability to retain training for various special services. However, if you want to get this dog as a pet then you need to ensure that these dogs are suitable for your situation. This is important because these dogs have sturdy body and strong mind. Like most of the pet animals, they demand more attention and affection, as well as proper guidance.

A pet German Shepherd dog may inadvertently hit down a small child or a feeble elderly person. Also, they can clear tables with their strong and happy tails as well as can wreak havoc on furniture with their powerful jaws and teeth.

Since German Shepherd dogs are a slowly maturing breed and have a long puppyhood, therefore it is important for the new owners to be ready for providing affectionate but firm discipline and a save environment to their dogs so that they can develop into a well-behaved mature dog.

German Shepherd dogs are extremely social, and always need attention and companionship. These dogs are very active and love to run and explore their surroundings. They need proper exercise, particularly in their growing age. It would not be appropriate for this breed of dogs to tie them to a house because it will only lead to aggravation, tedium and a potentially dangerous dog.

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