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General Facts about Leopard Gecko

During past few years, leopard geckos have become quite popular as pets. They are available in appealing color patterns that attract a large number of pet lovers. Albeit keeping this exotic pet is similar to having the other pet animals, but it is essential to know some interesting facts about this reptile.

Following are some of the most interesting facts that you must know to acquire comprehensive information about leopard geckos.

  • Leopard gecko’s Latin genus or species name is Eublepharis Macularius (well developed eyelid and spotted).
  • Leopard geckos are nocturnal and usually stay out of the daylight and sun heat. They appear at night to hunt for food.
  • They have a voice similar to a small ‘bark’ they use if disturbed.
  • Unlike many geckos, leopard geckos have eyelids that they can not only blink but also close them while sleeping.
  • Although a number of geckos have sticky pads, however leopard geckos have little claws instead of sticky pads.
  • Similar to many reptiles, a leopard gecko also has a tail that can drop if grabbed by a predator, which allow them enough time to escape.
  • Leopard geckos are insectivores and like to eat locusts, crickets, worms, and all kinds of insects. They can also eat scorpions and other small lizards.
  • A leopard gecko’s tail serves as a fat storage lest of food scarcity.
  • When hunting, mating and defending their territory, they usually shake their tails.
  • One interesting fact about leopard gecko is that their gender is determined by incubation temperature. If the temperature is set on 90 degrees Fahrenheit then nearly all the eggs would be male. On the other hand, the majority of the eggs will be female at 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Moreover, an incubation temperature of 85 degrees Fahrenheit can produce almost an equal number of males and females.

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Macaw Parrots as Pets

Macaw parrots are considered as the most beautiful, colorful and charming parrots. Although, they are playful, talkative, intelligent, and flamboyant, however they also have a few bad qualities. They are destructive, strident and noisy birds, and often shriek so vociferously that it becomes very difficult to tolerate it.

Macaw parrots are originated from Central America, South America, Caribbean islands, and Sumatra Island in Indonesia. There are over 18 different species of Macaw parrots in the whole world. Some of them are quite easy to adapt, whereas others are known for teasing their owners, and are also very demanding parrots.

All the species of Macaw parrots have their own unique characteristics and qualities. Some of these are as follows:

Red and Scarlet Macaws are among the world’s top ten beautiful birds. Buffon’s are the heaviest Macaw parrots. Hyacinth Macaw is the largest parrot among all species of Macaw parrots. Gold and Blue Macaws are extremely popular because of their beauty. The Yellow and Blue Macaws are easy to adapt and are very playful birds, whereas Red Fronted Macaws with a Red Crown are the cutest and friendly. Severe Macaws, the smallest parrots among Macaw species, are also the most uncommon.

Unlike other parrot breeds, Macaw parrots demand more love, care, attention, and proper handling. If they are ignored for long time, they might behave very aggressively and violently, and can even bite their owners. Hence, it is very important to keep these lovely parrots engaged in playfulness through toys, acrobatic ropes, swings, and right food. Depending upon environment and food, these parrots can live from 25 to 80 years. Therefore, it is best to know all about Macaw parrots before getting one as a pet.

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