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Facts about Bulldogs

In past few years, bulldogs have become one of the most popular show dogs. They are greatly loved for their charming temperament and friendly nature. They originated in the British Isles, and thus also known as British or English Bulldogs. However, in past, they were often known as guard dogs.

The intention behind breeding the very first bulldogs is to produce fierce fighters with a daring personality. However, when the fighting became illegal, the bulldogs were soon lovers. Today, bulldogs are known as calm and kind family pets. They walk confidently and gracefully, can participate in obedience, agility, rally and flyball competitions. Some of them even play a role of active therapy dogs, and visit sick or disabled people.

A bulldog is a medium-sized dog. Although these dogs look small however they weigh more than you think. The average weight of males is about 50 pounds, whereas the average weight of females is about 40 pounds. An average height of a bulldog can range from 12 to 16 inches.

The physical appearance of the bulldogs is very interesting. They have very short bodies, wide shoulders, and thick and strong legs. Their coat is short and lies flat, whereas the hair is fine and very smooth. They have soft, loose skin around their head, neck, and shoulders. They have a short tail.

Bulldogs come in a number of colors, which are as follows:

  • Piebald bulldogs have irregular patches of two different colors.
  • Red brindle and brindle bulldogs are a tawny or brownish color with streaks of another color.
  • Solid colored bulldogs can be all light brown, all fawn, all red, or all white.

In order to keep a bulldog clean, bathing is recommended. His wrinkles particularly require cleaning quite often. Although his hair is short, however he will shed. Therefore, they need to be brushed infrequently. Moreover, brushing makes the dogs feel good, and aids in keeping his skin health and shiny.


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