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Ways to Keep a Tabby Cat Happy

Tabby cats are not a breed. The coat of a tabby cat has a set of patterns, such as stripes, swirls, and a distinctive ‘M’ shaped mark on the forehead. The exact placement and shape of these patterns highly depends on the specific type of tabby. Like any other cat, tabby cats also need proper diet and stimulation to remain healthy, active, and happy.

Cat Health:

You can keep your tabby cat happy by establishing its predictable feeding routine. For this, you need to feed your cat at the same time each day. It is better to use different types of foods and alternate both wet or dry food and ingredients for feedings.

If possible, provide your cat an access to running water. You can either provide running water from a tap at expected intervals or buy a cat fountain from a pet supply store.

Providing a small planter of cat grass, that is at least 2 inches tall, is also a good way to keep your cat happy. Place the planter away from the food and water dishes. Moreover, it is advisable to put any houseplants that are toxic to cats in a room where your cat is not allowed to go.

Place at least two litter boxes in two different rooms of the house, and do not change their place once they have been used. Clean them on daily basis or as required.

Cat Stimulation:

Keep your tabby cat happy by providing scratching posts or mats. It is preferable to place them near any object that the cat is presently scratching. You may need to scratch them yourself in order to teach the cat how to use them. Encourage your cat by feeding it after it begins using the post.

Get a cat-climbing tree from your local pet supply store and encourage the climbing behavior of your cat by placing a treat on higher platforms.

Cats love to watch outside world. Keeping window shades open will allow them a clear view of the outdoors. However, if your windows do have enough space to sit, you can provide a cat perch to sit and enjoy the outdoor scene.

Play with your tabby cat every day at the same time. You can also take it outside occasionally; however, you need to secure them with a leash to prevent them from running off and risking injury.


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Interesting Facts about Bengal Cats

Bengal cats are among the most expensive cat breeds of the world. These cats have some unique genetic heritage and possess distinct personalities, unusual behavior patterns, and attractive visual appearance, which make them a popular cat breed among the cat owners.

Some of the most interesting facts about Bengal cats are as follows:

  • Like other cat breeds, Bengal cats are intelligent, energetic, and interactive cats. They are a dynamic and active part of the family. However, they are not similar to the other cat breeds, and possess various characteristic that make them very special and different.
  • Bengal cats are amazing athletes as they can rush around with great joy, climb doors and cupboards, and jump to huge heights.
  • These cats often become total softies as they flop over and roll on their backs in joy, come up to you and snuggle your face, purring rowdily, then lastly curl up into happy little balls and fall fast asleep. In fact, Bengal cats crave love and affection of their owners.
  • Bengal cats are fond of water, and can play happily, and even swim, in quite deep water. However, it is not necessary that all Bengal cats are swimmers.
  • Bengal cats are not particularly noisy cats. Unlike some Siamese cats, they do not constantly commentate on their owners’ life; however, they do have a diverse range of candid calls, which they use when they feel the need.
  • These cats love their food. The only problem is that they tend to climb inside the food bag before you can pour it out. Also, they not only carry off treats such as chicken pieces, but also guard them proudly with a low growl.
  • Bengal cats are not fierce and wild animals. They are indeed domestic animals, however it is important to note that, being so active, these cats may totally inadvertently scratch people whilst galloping over them or jumping from them. Therefore, caution should be taken if you have small children in the family.

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Facts about Maine Coon Cats

Maine Coon cats belong to a large cat breed that is the Native American long-haired cat breed. They are ideal for the harsh winters and varied seasons of the region. These cats are friendly and playful. They tend to be reserved with strangers; however, they are very adoring and understanding with their family. This makes them ideal for kids and dogs, and they have always been a popular and preferred companion.

Here are a few interesting facts about Maine Coon cats that will help you in understanding this large domesticated cat.

  • There is a wide variety of Maine Coon cats with different colors and patterns. The most common are Tabbies and Tabby & Whites, whereas Maine Coons with solids and more exotic colors and patterns are quite rare.
  • Although Maine Coon cats are known for their large size, however, because of their high vivacity and wisdom quotients, they are also labeled as “the Gentle Giants” in the feline world.
  • Nine out of ten Maine Coon cats share one unique facet, i.e. their facial features have a clear M-shape on their brow. This feature can also present in Maine Coon mixes.
  • The eye color of a Maine Coon cat can be a shade of gold, green, green-gold, or copper. White or bi-color patterned cats mostly have blue-eyes or odd-eyes.
  • Maine Coon cats can be polydactyl, which means that they can have six or more toes on their paws.
  • Unlike Persian cats, which have long coat, these cats have middling thick fur with a ruff around their neck and chests, which look similar to a lion’s mane. Also, they have the longer hair around their legs.
  • The fur of a Maine Coon has two layers, i.e. an undercoat and a supplementary tier of longer guard hair. This multi-layered coat gives this cat a noticeable look.
  • Maine Coons are considered fully grown when they reach 4 to 5 years of age.
  • The weight of a male Maine Coon cat is between 18 and 25 pounds, whereas females normally weigh between 7 and 11 pounds, reaching 16 pounds for a mature cat.
  • Regardless of their large bodies, Maine Coon cats have tiny voices that squeak and chirp.
  • Unlike other cats, Maine Coon cats love to play with water.

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