Interesting Facts about Bengal Cats

Bengal cats are among the most expensive cat breeds of the world. These cats have some unique genetic heritage and possess distinct personalities, unusual behavior patterns, and attractive visual appearance, which make them a popular cat breed among the cat owners.

Some of the most interesting facts about Bengal cats are as follows:

  • Like other cat breeds, Bengal cats are intelligent, energetic, and interactive cats. They are a dynamic and active part of the family. However, they are not similar to the other cat breeds, and possess various characteristic that make them very special and different.
  • Bengal cats are amazing athletes as they can rush around with great joy, climb doors and cupboards, and jump to huge heights.
  • These cats often become total softies as they flop over and roll on their backs in joy, come up to you and snuggle your face, purring rowdily, then lastly curl up into happy little balls and fall fast asleep. In fact, Bengal cats crave love and affection of their owners.
  • Bengal cats are fond of water, and can play happily, and even swim, in quite deep water. However, it is not necessary that all Bengal cats are swimmers.
  • Bengal cats are not particularly noisy cats. Unlike some Siamese cats, they do not constantly commentate on their owners’ life; however, they do have a diverse range of candid calls, which they use when they feel the need.
  • These cats love their food. The only problem is that they tend to climb inside the food bag before you can pour it out. Also, they not only carry off treats such as chicken pieces, but also guard them proudly with a low growl.
  • Bengal cats are not fierce and wild animals. They are indeed domestic animals, however it is important to note that, being so active, these cats may totally inadvertently scratch people whilst galloping over them or jumping from them. Therefore, caution should be taken if you have small children in the family.

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