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Facts about Bulldogs

In past few years, bulldogs have become one of the most popular show dogs. They are greatly loved for their charming temperament and friendly nature. They originated in the British Isles, and thus also known as British or English Bulldogs. However, in past, they were often known as guard dogs.

The intention behind breeding the very first bulldogs is to produce fierce fighters with a daring personality. However, when the fighting became illegal, the bulldogs were soon lovers. Today, bulldogs are known as calm and kind family pets. They walk confidently and gracefully, can participate in obedience, agility, rally and flyball competitions. Some of them even play a role of active therapy dogs, and visit sick or disabled people.

A bulldog is a medium-sized dog. Although these dogs look small however they weigh more than you think. The average weight of males is about 50 pounds, whereas the average weight of females is about 40 pounds. An average height of a bulldog can range from 12 to 16 inches.

The physical appearance of the bulldogs is very interesting. They have very short bodies, wide shoulders, and thick and strong legs. Their coat is short and lies flat, whereas the hair is fine and very smooth. They have soft, loose skin around their head, neck, and shoulders. They have a short tail.

Bulldogs come in a number of colors, which are as follows:

  • Piebald bulldogs have irregular patches of two different colors.
  • Red brindle and brindle bulldogs are a tawny or brownish color with streaks of another color.
  • Solid colored bulldogs can be all light brown, all fawn, all red, or all white.

In order to keep a bulldog clean, bathing is recommended. His wrinkles particularly require cleaning quite often. Although his hair is short, however he will shed. Therefore, they need to be brushed infrequently. Moreover, brushing makes the dogs feel good, and aids in keeping his skin health and shiny.


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Guide to Getting a Dog

It is a great idea to get a dog as pet, as dogs are friendly as well as loyal animal. There are a number of sources, including breeders and rescue centers, from which a dog can be bought. If you want to buy a puppy then it is better to see its mother in order to check her temperament and characteristics. The most ideal age to buy a puppy is when it is between seven and eight weeks old.

Cost of owning a dog:

 Besides the initial cost of getting a dog, the estimated continuing costs, including food, veterinary fees and treatments, and pet insurance, are almost $ 25 per week, conditional on the size and breed of your selected pet dog.

Selecting a dog:

Before buying a dog, it is significant to consider well about the breed or crossbreed of dog you want to buy, and also the compatibility of your new pet with your personality as well as lifestyle. Here are some considerations in getting a right dog:

  • Consider whether you want to buy a male or female puppy or adult dog.
  • Consider the dog that best suits for your home, family, car, etc.
  • Your willingness to walk your dog every day.
  • Your level of interest in making a lifelong commitment to your dog.
  • Consider whether your new dog will bond with other pets in the household or not.
  • Finally, whether you can easily afford to keep a pet.

The best way to select a dog is to do a lot of research, including dog breeds, their potential health problems and characteristics, their required grooming, and their different behaviors.

Tips on new dog ownership:

Once you have decided to buy a dog, it is better to do some planning in order to provide an easy and pleasurable environment to your new pet dog. For this, following tips on new dog ownership can be of great help in taking proper care of it.

  • Basic things for your new pet include a dog bed, a comfortable collar, a lead, and food and water bowls.
  • Purchase some dog food, which can be completely dry food or semi-moist and tinned foods.
  • Check your new dog’s vaccination history. If it needs vaccination, call your veterinarian to book an appointment for vaccinations.
  • Ask your veterinarian to suggest puppy parties or dog training clubs in order to help socialize and train your dog, which include house training, staying and sitting.

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German Shepherd Dog as Pets

German Shepherd dogs are known for their fidelity, bravery and ability to retain training for various special services. However, if you want to get this dog as a pet then you need to ensure that these dogs are suitable for your situation. This is important because these dogs have sturdy body and strong mind. Like most of the pet animals, they demand more attention and affection, as well as proper guidance.

A pet German Shepherd dog may inadvertently hit down a small child or a feeble elderly person. Also, they can clear tables with their strong and happy tails as well as can wreak havoc on furniture with their powerful jaws and teeth.

Since German Shepherd dogs are a slowly maturing breed and have a long puppyhood, therefore it is important for the new owners to be ready for providing affectionate but firm discipline and a save environment to their dogs so that they can develop into a well-behaved mature dog.

German Shepherd dogs are extremely social, and always need attention and companionship. These dogs are very active and love to run and explore their surroundings. They need proper exercise, particularly in their growing age. It would not be appropriate for this breed of dogs to tie them to a house because it will only lead to aggravation, tedium and a potentially dangerous dog.

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Information about Poodle Dog

The Poodle dogs are known for their intelligence, loyalty and liveliness, and are very athletic and playful. The original purpose of developing this dog breed was to hunt birds, however now they are also used by French customs to search for contraband. Poodle dogs make perfect pets for those who can give enough time on regular basis to groom their curly coats.


Although the region of its origin is unknown, however it is believed that it was firstly developed in Germany or Russia for hunting birds. Many people think that the Poodle breed is pure French, however its name “Poodle” is a German word, which means “splash about”. There are possibilities that the breed may also have come from the Iberian Peninsula. The Poodle breed is associated to the Portuguese Water Dog and Irish Water Spaniel. In Spain and France, the Poodle is known as “Caniche”. Its other names are Barbone, and Pudelhund.

Physical Characteristics

Some of the physical characteristics of a Poodle dog are as follows:

  • Size – Standard-sized Poodle is 15 inches or taller. Miniature-sized Poodle ranges from 10 to 15 inches. Toy-sized Poodle is 10 inches or shorter.
  • Coat – Curly or corded.
  • Color – Gray, blue, silver, cream, apricot, brown, café-au-lait.
  • Eyes – Its eyes are very dark and oval-shaped.
  • Ears – The ears of a Poodle dog are hanging close to the head, set at eye level or slightly lower, long wide and feathery.
  • Muzzle – Long and straight.
  • Tail – Its tail is straight, high-set, and carried upward.


The Poodle dog breed is very agile, athletic, and playful. They are very loyal with their families, and at times, to the point of possessiveness. The coat of these dogs needs high maintenance, and the corners of their eyes should also be wiped clean at least occasionally in order to prevent buildup of secretions. It is always better to know the dog well before bringing them home as a pet.

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German Shepherd Information

The German Shepherd is a breed of dog that is known for its loyalty, courage, and ability to retain training for various special services. They are not only generally used by police officers and the military as a drug and contraband detection dogs but also as a search and rescue dogs. They are also used as guide dogs for the blind and guardians. However, a large number of people buy these dogs as a family friend and protector.

Physical Characteristics:

The German Shepherd is a middle sized dog with enough weight to be helpful as a herder or a patrolman. This dog is considered as a combination of nobility, dexterity, power, and grace.

Generally, the weight of a German Shepherd dog is between 75 and 95, with males mostly larger than females. The ideal size of male dogs ranges from 24 to 26 inches at the withers, i.e. top of the shoulder blades, whereas the female dogs should be between 22 and 24 inches.


In order to become a good companion, a sound temperament is of great importance. Since temperament is inherited, therefore it is a direct outcome of the breeding of dog.

The German Shepherd dogs are self confident and noble. At their mature age, they should be friendly and gregarious. They may see strangers with some suspicion; however, they should not be too sharp and hostile as well as cower with fear.

When buying a German Shepherd as a family protector, many people think their dog should be very dominant, and aggressive. Keep in mind that sound German Shepherd dogs are naturally protective of their homes and families. Moreover, if there is a true need for a more serious protection, a competent dog instructor can be hired to train your German shepherd for a formal personal protection purpose.

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General Beagle Care

Although a new pet Beagle puppy does not need much care as he is quite self-maintained, however there are a few tips to follow in order to provide general Beagle care for your new pet. The short, compact coat of Beagles is usually waterproof and they have minimal shedding habits, however some general Beagle care will be required to keep your pet healthy and happy.

As part of general Beagle care for your pet, you need to brush your Beagle daily with a hound’s glove or stiff brush in order to remove any dead hair. It is also important to comb them with a flea comb so that any unseen dirt can be removed. During its brushing, make sure that you wipe clean its ears as this will prevent any infections or hearing problems.

Since the ears of beagle dog are floppy and can hold moisture inside the ear canal, which can result in ear infection. Moreover, if your dog is allowed to roam free in a yard then small insects and bugs can find a nice, warm home in its ears. In addition to this, keeping the ears clean and the coat brushed can greatly lessen the likelihood of the development of an odor.

When it comes to Beagle’s diet, you need to provide him a well balance diet. Because of their playfulness and gentle personality, overfeeding is a common problem, which results in the dog becoming overweight. Therefore, it is important to restrict his diet to a cup or two of dry, nutritional dog food daily. Remember that overweighting can result in problems such as heart trouble and hip Dysplasia.

General Beagle care also includes the trimming of eyelashes. This is important because their eyelashes grow long, and tend to curl under and grow into the eye, resulting in irritation, called Distichiasis, which mostly require surgery to correct.

Although Beagle does not need to take to a salon for bathing or grooming, however when occasionally bathing your pet at home, it is better to use no tears dog shampoo, and special care needs be taken in order to complete dry inside their ears so that ear infections can be prevented.

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Yorkshire Terrier Information

Yorkshire Terriers or Yorkies are not only attractively small size but also very adventurous and exploratory. Some of them are cuddly and spry, while others are playful, sociable, and into everything. Therefore, it is better to start training them when they are puppies.

The size of a Yorkie can reach 8 to 9 inches at the shoulder and do not weigh over 7 pounds. Its most preferred weigh is 4 to 6 pounds. Do not buy Yorkies that are smaller than the standard as they are more prone to genetic disorders and are generally at a higher health risk.

Generally, Yorkshire Terriers are quite responsive to training, particularly if it brings them attention for performing endearing tricks or performing in agility or obedience tests. Moreover, they love squeaky toys, and also enjoy fetching toys that you throw for them. If crafts making is your passion then you can crochet a ball that is smaller than a tennis ball and larger than a golf ball. Stuff the ball with used panty hose and let your dog to play with it.

Yorkshire Terriers are housedogs and cannot bear extreme heat or cold. A number of people use paper training to keep them indoors when the weather is too hot or cold.

Since Yorkies enjoy taking a walk with their owners or playing outside, therefore keeping them well exercised does not require much effort.

When it comes to Yorkie’s diet, it is recommended to give your dog ½ to ¾ cup of high-quality dry food twice a day. However, it should be remembered that the amount of food required by an adult dog depends on its size, age, body, metabolism, and activity level. Moreover, do not let your dog to get fat as this is not a good look for this charming breed. You can keep it in a good shape by measuring its food and feeding it twice a day instead of leaving food out all the time.

Taking good care of a Yorkshire Terrier is not a difficult task as long as you know how to handle and take care of this cute breed of dogs.

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