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Guinea Pig – General Information

Guinea Pigs are the native of the high mountains of South America. The people of Peru, Bolivia, and Ecuador domesticated the Guinea Pigs for food. Even today, there are a number of areas of South America where these small animals are raised for food.

Since Guinea Pigs make squeaking noises, therefore they are known as pigs, though they are not related to pigs. Their scientific name is Cavia Porcellus, a Latin word which means “little pig”.

Scientific Information:

Kingdom – Animalia

Phylum – Chordata

Class – Mammalia

Order – Rodentia

Family – Caviidae

Genus – Cavia

Character Information:

Guinea Pigs are curious, sociable creatures that are easily scared and always searching around for something to gnaw on. Generally, their weight ranges from 1 to 3 pounds and an adult can become as big as 15 inches long. Their average life span is between 4 to 8 years. The unique characteristic of Guinea Pigs is that once they find a mating partner then they stick with that partner throughout their lives.

Unlike other rodents, Guinea Pigs are not agile, and they retreat from climbing, jumping, and heights. Whenever they get excited, they just do little jumps up and down. They can also do limited climbing like going up and down stairs.

These small creatures are perfect pets, particularly for young kids, because they are quite easy to handle. They are generally friendly and enjoy the company of humans. They can make range of noises. Various types of breeds and individual animals differ in size, nature and grooming requirements. Sometimes, they can be nervous, however will seldom scratch or bite. They are basically odor-free. And, they do not create a noise problem.

When it comes to the caring of Guinea Pigs, they need to keep in clean and safe environment.  Their food should comprise of various grains such as wheat, milled oats, grass pellets, and kibbled maize. It is also important to get your pet Guinea Pig checked by a veterinarian on a regular basis.


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