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Hamster: General Information

At present, hamsters that are kept as pets were first discovered inSyriain 1830, when an Israeli Zoologist working in theSyrian Desertbrought them in his laboratory and successfully bred them. In 1839, a British zoologist, George Waterhouse, gave them their current name, which is the Golden Hamster. It is interesting to know that all pet hamsters are descendents of theSyrian Deserthamsters.

Hamsters were transported to all parts of the world, arriving in theUKin 1931 and in theUSin 1938 for use in lab research. Hamsters are usually healthy, disease free animals, and are enable to have a new litter of babies almost every month.

Scientific Information:

The scientific information about hamsters is briefly mentioned as under:

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Mammalia

Order: Rodentia

Suborder: Myomorpha

Super-family: Muroidea

Family: Cricetidae

Subfamily: Cricetinae

Temperament Information:

The Golden Hamster is a nocturnal animal, however, infrequently can be active during the day. Hamsters as pets can be very domesticated however must always be handled with care as they can become very hostile when terrified. They are prone to chew on and escape from their cages. Once they escape, it becomes very difficult to make them return to their home and needs to be trapped to be put back in their cage. Therefore, special care should be taken when handling them.

Hamsters love exercise, particularly wheel running. It is interesting to know that pregnant female hamsters have been known to run up to five miles per day.

Female hamsters are more hostile and aggressive than males and, depending on her sexual cycle, can attack new males that are introduced into her cage. Moreover, females may willingly look after her young ones. If the mother hamster feels intimidated, she can either attack the interloper or hide her babies in her mouth in her cheek pouches. Female hamsters with new litters must not be disturbed frequently.


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