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How to Pet a Horse

Horses are beautiful, wonderful, and noble animals that everybody loves to pet. Petting a horse can be a powerful emotional experience. Following are some useful tips that you can use to pet a horse in such a way that it will accept and get pleasure from your affections.

  • Having a horse as a pet can be a delightful experience for you as well as the equine receiving your attention. However, it is important to have an adequate knowledge on how to do it properly. First of all, you should never pat its face. Just like all of us, horses also do not like a stranger coming up and start patting their faces. When you come near the horse, reach your hand out, palm flat and up, and let the horse to sniff your palm.
  •  The moment the horse reaches out his nose to your palm, speak gently to him and extend the same hand to the base of his neck, down where the neck congregates the withers. You can even pat the horse there in a friendly manner.
  • Petting a horse is more similar to patting. Except in winter, horses usually do not have much hair; therefore, you need not to pat it just like you would a cat or a dog. However, you can pat it softly but firmly in the area stated above, and then swiftly switch into scratching.
  • Horses feel great when they are being scratched in all their itchy places they cannot reach. Therefore, switch from your mild pats into a firm and premeditated scratching of his back, behind his withers, and along his neck. He will be so much pleased that he will often show you by stretching his body so that you can reach the best areas.
  • Keep in mind that you must not pat a horse in sensitive areas like his flanks, rear end, legs, face, or ears. Always pat it on neck, back, withers, and the hips.

By following the above mentioned tips, you will be able to win the horse’s trust, as petting and scratching a horse is one of the best ways to win his trust. All you need is to behave gently and softly.


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Horse Safety Guidelines

Horsemen are always concerned about the horse safety as they do not want to hurt themselves or their horse because of negligence, oversight or carelessness. On the other hand, horses seldom have a malicious fighting streak or intent to harm. However, because of their large size, they can be harmful for the careless handlers.

Following are a few general safety guidelines that should be kept in mind when handling a horse.

  • Always consider wearing horse clothing before handling horses.
  • Never walk barefoot or wear sandals while working with horses as a minor mistake can quickly broke bones and nasty abrasions.
  • It is not recommended to wear tennis shoes or sneakers as they have soft toes, however you can wear them if you do not want to wear reinforced-toe shoes or boots.
  • Avoid wearing any type of jewelry while interacting with horses because if the horse rubs against your body or side of your face then he could accidentally catch your jewelry.
  • Always communicate with your horse vocally almost at all times. This is important because they can understand the tone and intent of their owner.
  • Remember that horses hate being snuck up on.
  • Train your horse to approach upon request by rewarding him each time with a horse treat, gentle praise and some petting around the front shoulders.

Using these techniques will get you off a good start and you will soon get the trust of your horses.

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