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Facts about Green Iguana

Green iguanas are one of the popular exotic pets. They belong to the family of reptiles, a class known Lguanidae. They have short, powerful limbs with sharp claws attached to them, which they use for climbing and digging. Since these reptiles love to climb, therefore always keep some branches in their cages for them to climb.

Green iguanas have extremely strong tails, which they use for defense purposes. They whip their tails for defense whenever a predator hunts them. Similarly, their tails are used to swim. A male green iguana has a dewlap around the throat, which is a flap of skin used to threaten a predator or to attract a female iguana. The dewlap also regulates the body temperatures of green iguanas. A crest of soft spines is lined up in the mid region on their necks and backs. The female green iguanas have much shorter spines as compared to that of males.

When it comes to appearance, the male green iguanas seem much bigger than females. They have bright colored body and a big head. Both the male and female iguanas have about 12 to 13 pores under the sides of the thighs. The pores secrete a waxy substance that helps iguanas in marking their territories and assesses them to identify each other.

The skin of green iguanas has minute scales. Although they cannot change their skin color however some of their skin parts get darkened when exposed to sunlight. The body of young iguanas is pale green in color with black ringed tails. They change earthy in color as they grow up, particularly in areas such as tails and the body.

Generally, the green iguanas mate in the months of January and February. The female iguana lay about 25 to 35 eggs in the sand or soil, which she dig before laying eggs. The young ones hatch in two weeks and are born safe in the pits dug.

Green iguanas are great pets if they are properly taken care of. It is best to learn the ways of treating these extraordinary creatures well so that they can be happy and healthy.


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