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Ways to Keep a Tabby Cat Happy

Tabby cats are not a breed. The coat of a tabby cat has a set of patterns, such as stripes, swirls, and a distinctive ‘M’ shaped mark on the forehead. The exact placement and shape of these patterns highly depends on the specific type of tabby. Like any other cat, tabby cats also need proper diet and stimulation to remain healthy, active, and happy.

Cat Health:

You can keep your tabby cat happy by establishing its predictable feeding routine. For this, you need to feed your cat at the same time each day. It is better to use different types of foods and alternate both wet or dry food and ingredients for feedings.

If possible, provide your cat an access to running water. You can either provide running water from a tap at expected intervals or buy a cat fountain from a pet supply store.

Providing a small planter of cat grass, that is at least 2 inches tall, is also a good way to keep your cat happy. Place the planter away from the food and water dishes. Moreover, it is advisable to put any houseplants that are toxic to cats in a room where your cat is not allowed to go.

Place at least two litter boxes in two different rooms of the house, and do not change their place once they have been used. Clean them on daily basis or as required.

Cat Stimulation:

Keep your tabby cat happy by providing scratching posts or mats. It is preferable to place them near any object that the cat is presently scratching. You may need to scratch them yourself in order to teach the cat how to use them. Encourage your cat by feeding it after it begins using the post.

Get a cat-climbing tree from your local pet supply store and encourage the climbing behavior of your cat by placing a treat on higher platforms.

Cats love to watch outside world. Keeping window shades open will allow them a clear view of the outdoors. However, if your windows do have enough space to sit, you can provide a cat perch to sit and enjoy the outdoor scene.

Play with your tabby cat every day at the same time. You can also take it outside occasionally; however, you need to secure them with a leash to prevent them from running off and risking injury.


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Identifying a Chausie Cat

The Chausie cat is also known as a Mountain Cougar, Jungle Curl, or Stone Cougar. It is basically a hybrid of the African Jungle cat and a domestic shorthair cat. It was registered officially in 1995, and is comparatively a new breed.

Its name was derived from the Latin word for the African Jungle cat, Felis Chaus. Owing to their lineage, they are skillful hunters and are extremely active. In spite of this, they are also very loving and adoring pets. They like to be touched or petted, however they do not really like to be cuddled and act as if it were indecorous. The best way to describe this breed of cats is: imperial and intrepid but not hostile or antisocial.

If you want to buy a pedigreed Chausie cat then following main points will help you in identifying it.

  • Take a look at the general build of the cat. It should be almost 1 ½ feet high at the shoulder and approximately 3 feet long. This is a big cat, since Chausie cats are famous for being twice the weight and size of a typical domestic cat. Regardless of their size, they are not bulky, and have an athletic body with a broad chest, long legs, small paws, and a thin but dense bone structure.
  • Check the coloring of the cat. The pedigreed Chausie cats have only 3 official color patterns.
  1. Plain Black
  2. Brown ticked tabby – these cats have a pale belly with a light tan body and darker brown stripes.
  3. Silvered tip – this is a unique pattern in which a cat has a silver-grey coloring with black splotches on its whole body, like that of a leopard.
  • See the head of the cat. The pedigreed Chausie cats have a long, but thick neck that leads to a high and slim cranium. The jaw is tapered sharply down to the nose and the eyes are relatively low on the face. The cat’s whole head is dominated by very tall and straight ears, often tipped like a bobcat. When this cat is in a resting position, its ears angled to face directly forward similar to a pair of headlights on a car.
  • Observe the behavior of the cat. The pedigreed Chausie cats generally have fluid and slow movements. They drag their heels, apparently confident in themselves irrespective of what situation they find themselves in. This behavior is similar to that of a dog. These cats obey orders, come when called, follow their owners closely and often sit tolerantly at their feet waiting for an order or attention. Also, observe the cat jump. These cats have unbelievable strength in their loins, which allow them to leap up to 6 feet straight up.

If you find a cat having all of the above mentioned criteria then it is a pedigreed Chausie cat that you are looking for. Since it is an extremely rare breed, therefore it is often found only in catteries.

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Facts about Russian Blue Cat

The Russian Blue Cat (also known as Archangel Blue Cat) is believed to have originated from the port town of Arkhangelsk in Russia. In 1800s, it was brought to the UK and has been domestically bred since then.

The Russian Blue Cat is famous for its silver-blue coat that shows off its wiry frame and complements its vibrant, dark green eyes. It has a long, slim body with short fur, and its coat is known as “double coat” as it has a soft, velvety undercoat that helps in providing the cat with an additional insulation in the extreme northern winters. The topcoat fur (even if sometimes a soft black in color) can be a real shade of blue with silver tips, giving the cat an iridescent look.

These cats are recognized as highly intelligent and playful; however, they are really shy around strangers. Moreover, they are quite easy to train and are well known for developing close bonds with their owners.

Since the saliva and sebum of Russian Blue Cats contain less of a certain protein than many other cats, they are among the hypoallergenic breeds of cats.

The purebred Russian Blue Cat does not have any white markings on its body, however in rare cases, a ‘locket’ of white fur can be found on its throat, which is considered as an extremely negative feature in cat shows. Another prominent feature of a purebred Russian Blue Cat is the positioning of its ears on its head, which are usually attached to the head at a rakish angle.

Russian Blue Cats are popular due to their calm and loving nature. In addition, they are one of the few domestic breeds that are not prone to illness or carry genetic defaults.

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Ragdoll Cat Psychology Facts

Ragdoll cats make great pets as they are ideal indoor cats. Unlike regular cats, these cats do not chase mice or other things. However, they do need fresh air occasionally. It is important not to leave your pet Ragdoll unsupervised because they can easily get lost, can be stolen, get hit by a car, or scared by a dog. Also, these cats really love strangers, particularly the smelly ones. Therefore, keep an eye on them when taking them out.

Ragdolls have the ability to learn the things fast that they should and shouldn’t do. However, knowing that the particular thing they are doing is wrong, they still keep on doing it. These cats can easily be familiar with travel or wear a collar, particularly if they are trained for this at a young age.

Ragdoll cats are thought to be the most sociable cats. They are very fond of their owner and people on the whole and mostly enjoy being with other cats.

Certainly, there are exceptions as some Ragdolls do not like any other species except humans. These cats really enjoy the company of children who treat these cats with affection and love.

Although Ragdoll kittens are generally quite active however as they grow older, they tend to be well-tempered and calm creatures. These cats enjoy fetching tossed toys, while others like a combination of a game of hide and seek and tag with their owner. They always enjoy your company when you spend some time playing with them.

When called, Ragdoll cats often answer in their soft low voice. Their sounds are so expressive that sometimes it seems that they answer you back. In short, Ragdoll cat is a perfect choice if you wish to have a lovable and trustworthy pet.

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Cat Care Tips

There is no doubt that cat is among the lovely animals that are not only friendly but also are very playful. Taking care of your pet cat is necessary in order to keep it in good health and refrain from it from getting bore. Following are some tips that will help you in taking good care of your furry, friendly pet.

  • Cats love warmth, so give your cat a nice comfortable place in the sun or by a window side where it can sit and enjoy sunbath.
  • Scratching is in the nature of cats as it provides an outlet for stress, and aids to trim the claws a bit. It is better to provide a scratching board to your pet cat. For this, consider getting a board with a wound rope made from sisal. This will also prevent your cat from clawing your expensive furniture.
  • Provide your cat some hiding places around the house, if possible up high. For this, you can buy cat furniture, like cat trees, or you can create a comfortable area that is secluded.
  • It is a good idea to spread some treats around the house in order to bring out the hunting instincts in the cat. This will also make its feeding more enjoyable.
  • A litter box is one of the most important elements of cat care. Place the box in an isolated and quiet place that your cat likes, and ensure to provide multiple escape routes.
  • Last but not the least, consider providing your pet cat some interesting cat toys. However, make sure that the toys you give to your cat are not harmful or else the cats may injure themselves while playing with these toys. A belt or a shoe lace can be a great toy and provide exercise for your pet cat.

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How to Get Your Cat to Come to You

The foremost and main thing about a cat is to keep in mind that she is an animal, and most probably think of you as a very large cat with non-cat eccentricities. Therefore, it is better to look at things from her perspective. This will enable you to understand things that she does.

Unlike kids and dogs, whenever you call your cat, he normally does not come to you for kicks you want him to obey. But if a cat knows he will be warmly greeted, petted, brushed, will get a treat, or an additional time of lap-napping, then these incentives will surely make your cat to come to you, showing the attitude that it was his idea in the first place.

Remember that no animal will ever come to you willingly if you raise your voice or if they think they will be punished upon coming near you.

In addition to this, cats react best to names that end in an ‘ee’ sound. The chances of getting a better response depend on the name of your pet cat. Names that end in an ‘ee’, such as Stanley and Zaddy, are great to make your cat come to you when you call him.

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