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How to Get Your Cat to Come to You

The foremost and main thing about a cat is to keep in mind that she is an animal, and most probably think of you as a very large cat with non-cat eccentricities. Therefore, it is better to look at things from her perspective. This will enable you to understand things that she does.

Unlike kids and dogs, whenever you call your cat, he normally does not come to you for kicks you want him to obey. But if a cat knows he will be warmly greeted, petted, brushed, will get a treat, or an additional time of lap-napping, then these incentives will surely make your cat to come to you, showing the attitude that it was his idea in the first place.

Remember that no animal will ever come to you willingly if you raise your voice or if they think they will be punished upon coming near you.

In addition to this, cats react best to names that end in an ‘ee’ sound. The chances of getting a better response depend on the name of your pet cat. Names that end in an ‘ee’, such as Stanley and Zaddy, are great to make your cat come to you when you call him.


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