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Horse Safety Guidelines

Horsemen are always concerned about the horse safety as they do not want to hurt themselves or their horse because of negligence, oversight or carelessness. On the other hand, horses seldom have a malicious fighting streak or intent to harm. However, because of their large size, they can be harmful for the careless handlers.

Following are a few general safety guidelines that should be kept in mind when handling a horse.

  • Always consider wearing horse clothing before handling horses.
  • Never walk barefoot or wear sandals while working with horses as a minor mistake can quickly broke bones and nasty abrasions.
  • It is not recommended to wear tennis shoes or sneakers as they have soft toes, however you can wear them if you do not want to wear reinforced-toe shoes or boots.
  • Avoid wearing any type of jewelry while interacting with horses because if the horse rubs against your body or side of your face then he could accidentally catch your jewelry.
  • Always communicate with your horse vocally almost at all times. This is important because they can understand the tone and intent of their owner.
  • Remember that horses hate being snuck up on.
  • Train your horse to approach upon request by rewarding him each time with a horse treat, gentle praise and some petting around the front shoulders.

Using these techniques will get you off a good start and you will soon get the trust of your horses.


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