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Guide to Getting a Dog

It is a great idea to get a dog as pet, as dogs are friendly as well as loyal animal. There are a number of sources, including breeders and rescue centers, from which a dog can be bought. If you want to buy a puppy then it is better to see its mother in order to check her temperament and characteristics. The most ideal age to buy a puppy is when it is between seven and eight weeks old.

Cost of owning a dog:

 Besides the initial cost of getting a dog, the estimated continuing costs, including food, veterinary fees and treatments, and pet insurance, are almost $ 25 per week, conditional on the size and breed of your selected pet dog.

Selecting a dog:

Before buying a dog, it is significant to consider well about the breed or crossbreed of dog you want to buy, and also the compatibility of your new pet with your personality as well as lifestyle. Here are some considerations in getting a right dog:

  • Consider whether you want to buy a male or female puppy or adult dog.
  • Consider the dog that best suits for your home, family, car, etc.
  • Your willingness to walk your dog every day.
  • Your level of interest in making a lifelong commitment to your dog.
  • Consider whether your new dog will bond with other pets in the household or not.
  • Finally, whether you can easily afford to keep a pet.

The best way to select a dog is to do a lot of research, including dog breeds, their potential health problems and characteristics, their required grooming, and their different behaviors.

Tips on new dog ownership:

Once you have decided to buy a dog, it is better to do some planning in order to provide an easy and pleasurable environment to your new pet dog. For this, following tips on new dog ownership can be of great help in taking proper care of it.

  • Basic things for your new pet include a dog bed, a comfortable collar, a lead, and food and water bowls.
  • Purchase some dog food, which can be completely dry food or semi-moist and tinned foods.
  • Check your new dog’s vaccination history. If it needs vaccination, call your veterinarian to book an appointment for vaccinations.
  • Ask your veterinarian to suggest puppy parties or dog training clubs in order to help socialize and train your dog, which include house training, staying and sitting.

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