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How to Choose a Bird Cage

To provide your pet with suitable living space is one of the basics of bird ownership. Although there are different sizes, colors, and models of bird cages easily available in the market, however, following are some of the simple guidelines to help in making the process of selecting one much easier.

  • The most important thing to consider is the location and placement of the bird’s cage. You need to shop it based on what will work best with the area you have set aside.
  • Bird’s cage should be away from windows and drafts, and must be placed in an active part of your home to encourage your pet birds’ social growth.
  • Consider the size of your birds in mind while buying a cage for them. You can keep a Finch or canary in a small space however, larger birds need larger cages.
  • It is best to purchase the largest cage you possibly can for your birds, as too small cages lead to undesirable behaviors, which include biting, screaming, feather plucking, psychological disorders, and so on. You can consult local avian veterinarian for recommended cage sizes for your pet birds.
  •  One thing to consider in choosing a cage is the bar spacing. It is better to buy cages with bars no more than a half inch apart for smaller birds, such as lovebirds and parakeets. For larger birds, consider buying cages that have horizontal bars instead of vertical ones. This will allow your birds to climb and exercise on them.
  • An important factor in choosing the bird’s cage is its style. Many veterinarians agree that round cages have been found to be harmful to birds’ psychological health; therefore, angled cages are preferable. Some of these cages can either be hung or placed on a stand, and are available in various sizes and shapes to accommodate any species of pet birds.

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