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Toys for Rabbits

Rabbits are very interesting and playful animals, and they will love to have a selection of fun toys that can be as simple as a cardboard box or empty paper towel roll.

Toys are of great help in keeping your rabbit physically active and prevent tedium. A jaded rabbit is much more prone to become destructive or even depressed and overweight. It is better to experiment with different kinds of toys to discover what is more entertaining to your pet rabbit, and keep on providing new toys or you can at least rotate the ones your pet has.

There are many items that can be used as rabbit toys. All you need is to be creative and pay attention to how your rabbit respond to that toy. Here are some ideas that can help you in choosing the suitable toys for your pet rabbit.

  • Hard plastic baby toys, e.g. links, rings, keys, rattles, etc.
  • Cardboard concrete forms
  • Organic wicker baskets or other wicker items.
  • Cardboard boxes having two or three rabbit sized entrance holes.
  • Parrot toys and bells.
  • Cardboard tubes from toilet paper and paper towel rolls.
  • Towels
  • Dried pine cones
  • Straw balls
  • Fresh branches from apple trees.
  • Large rubber ball
  • Hard plastic cat balls with a bell inside.
  • Short kitty condos, tunnels, platforms
  • Box full of shredded paper
  • Small straw whisk broom

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