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Ragdoll Cat Psychology Facts

Ragdoll cats make great pets as they are ideal indoor cats. Unlike regular cats, these cats do not chase mice or other things. However, they do need fresh air occasionally. It is important not to leave your pet Ragdoll unsupervised because they can easily get lost, can be stolen, get hit by a car, or scared by a dog. Also, these cats really love strangers, particularly the smelly ones. Therefore, keep an eye on them when taking them out.

Ragdolls have the ability to learn the things fast that they should and shouldn’t do. However, knowing that the particular thing they are doing is wrong, they still keep on doing it. These cats can easily be familiar with travel or wear a collar, particularly if they are trained for this at a young age.

Ragdoll cats are thought to be the most sociable cats. They are very fond of their owner and people on the whole and mostly enjoy being with other cats.

Certainly, there are exceptions as some Ragdolls do not like any other species except humans. These cats really enjoy the company of children who treat these cats with affection and love.

Although Ragdoll kittens are generally quite active however as they grow older, they tend to be well-tempered and calm creatures. These cats enjoy fetching tossed toys, while others like a combination of a game of hide and seek and tag with their owner. They always enjoy your company when you spend some time playing with them.

When called, Ragdoll cats often answer in their soft low voice. Their sounds are so expressive that sometimes it seems that they answer you back. In short, Ragdoll cat is a perfect choice if you wish to have a lovable and trustworthy pet.


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Toys for Chinchillas

It is not necessary to have toys in the cage of Chinchilla, however if you want to place toys in it, you need to ensure that they are safe to use.

When buying wheels for Chinchillas, make sure that they are large enough so that your pet Chinchilla does not have to run in an unnatural way. They should have a smooth running surface and should not have crossbars. It is better to closely watch your pet that uses wheels because they may become fixated and have difficulty in maintaining their body weight.

When selecting toys for your pet, you need to ensure that they are made with safe woods and other materials that are not harmful when ingested. Also, since Chinchillas overheat easily, therefore avoid putting them in the plastic balls used for hamsters.

Chinchillas like to hide, and if you give them some hiding places in their cage, they will love it. For this purpose, you can use a large coffee can or a small glass goldfish tank. Also, you can build small wooden houses for them.

Many owners give their pet Chinchillas some time to spend outside their cage. These animals are very inquisitive and feel the need to investigate everything, such as chair legs and electrical wires. Therefore, it is important to allow your Chinchilla to run loose in a limited area that has been cleared of electric cords and other harmful things.

Always keep an eye on them and remember that over exercise can result in lose body weight, inhibiting breeding.

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Conure Parrots Types

The Conure parrots are marvelous birds that enjoy sharing their play. They are not only beautiful but also very intelligent. Although they are very social and active, however they are also easily domesticated. They enjoy learning new tricks. Many Conure parrots have the ability to learn a few words, though their voices are high pitched, which makes it difficult to understand what they are saying. These parrots are quite hardy and rarely get sick.

There are a large number of different types of Conure parrots that can be found in the pet industry. Some of these types, along with a few Conure species are as follows:

Aratinga Conures:

The genus Aratinga has many Conure parrots. The species and subspecies of this genus range from 15 to 21 and 55 to 57, respectively. Some of the Aratinga Conure species include:

Aztec Conure, Golden-Capped Conure, Peach-Fronted Conure, White-Eyed Conure, Nanday Conure, Sun Conure, Blue-Crown Conure, Mitred Conure, Dusky Conure, Red-Masked Conure, Jenday Conure, Half-Moon Conure (Orange-Fronted Conure), Queen of Bavaria Conure (Golden Conure).

Enicognathus Conures:

This genus has two species, and a few subspecies. A few of them are Slender-bill Conure, Astral Conure, and Chilean Conure.

Brotogeris Conures:

This genus has seven species and fifteen subspecies, including the Grey-cheeked Parakeet and the Canary-winged Parakeet. Often, the Brotogeris genus is included under Parakeets instead of Conures.

Pyrrhura Conures:

Pyrrhura genus has eighteen species and thirty-seven subspecies. Some of these species include Black-capped Conure, Souance Conure, Pearly Conure, and Green-cheeked Conure.

Cyanoliseus Conures:

This genus is quite popular, and has only one species with three subspecies, which is Patagonia Conure.

It is important to note that there are two endangered Conure species presently, i.e. the Queen of Bavaria or Golden Conure Aratinga Guarouba from northern Brazil and the Blue-throated Conure Pyrrhura Cruentata.

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Information about Poodle Dog

The Poodle dogs are known for their intelligence, loyalty and liveliness, and are very athletic and playful. The original purpose of developing this dog breed was to hunt birds, however now they are also used by French customs to search for contraband. Poodle dogs make perfect pets for those who can give enough time on regular basis to groom their curly coats.


Although the region of its origin is unknown, however it is believed that it was firstly developed in Germany or Russia for hunting birds. Many people think that the Poodle breed is pure French, however its name “Poodle” is a German word, which means “splash about”. There are possibilities that the breed may also have come from the Iberian Peninsula. The Poodle breed is associated to the Portuguese Water Dog and Irish Water Spaniel. In Spain and France, the Poodle is known as “Caniche”. Its other names are Barbone, and Pudelhund.

Physical Characteristics

Some of the physical characteristics of a Poodle dog are as follows:

  • Size – Standard-sized Poodle is 15 inches or taller. Miniature-sized Poodle ranges from 10 to 15 inches. Toy-sized Poodle is 10 inches or shorter.
  • Coat – Curly or corded.
  • Color – Gray, blue, silver, cream, apricot, brown, café-au-lait.
  • Eyes – Its eyes are very dark and oval-shaped.
  • Ears – The ears of a Poodle dog are hanging close to the head, set at eye level or slightly lower, long wide and feathery.
  • Muzzle – Long and straight.
  • Tail – Its tail is straight, high-set, and carried upward.


The Poodle dog breed is very agile, athletic, and playful. They are very loyal with their families, and at times, to the point of possessiveness. The coat of these dogs needs high maintenance, and the corners of their eyes should also be wiped clean at least occasionally in order to prevent buildup of secretions. It is always better to know the dog well before bringing them home as a pet.

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Different Types of Pet Fish

Fish make great pets, as their beautiful and vivid colors attract the owners as well as guests. There are many different types of fish that can be owned as pet. Here are some of the most popular pet fish breeds.


Danio fish are known for their activeness, vigilance and liveliness. Their hyperactive behavior makes them great pets as they often participate in underwater acrobatic maneuvers. Since Danio fish have black and white striped appearance, therefore they are sometimes casually referred to as ‘Zebra’ fish. Its major setback is that they are a bit aggressive, usually because of their vigorous temperament. However, their small size enables them to thrive in a tank that has other larger breeds of fish. This fish breed mostly eats flaked food, and are likely to easily survive in any changes to their environment.


Since Goldfish are quite hardy and do not need specialized fish care, therefore they are the most popular type of fish for home aquariums. This fish breed is the domesticated descendants of the Prussian carp fish. It is generally bred for selective characteristics, and hence comes in different color patterns. Besides their typical golden orange color, different color variations of goldfish include white, orange, yellow and black. Some goldfish also have the silver or gray color, which is a preferred characteristic as they are likely to produce distinctive color patterns when bred.


Gourami fish are pretty intelligent and can often be trained to follow some easy visual commands. They are enjoyable to care for, and make great pets for young kids as a training project. They have russet or blue stripes on their body, making them visually attractive. Although this fish breed is generally very peaceful, however they can often become very hostile towards smaller fish, or other male Gourami fish. It is best to keep these fish in larger tanks, with a lot of shelters to prevent aggressiveness in them.


Plecostomus, also known as Pleco, are bottom-feeding fish that are inhabitant of Central and South America. Their insatiable appetite for algae makes them great pets, as this helps in keeping home aquariums free from excessive algae growth. Since Pleco fish are omnivorous, they thrive best when their diet includes both plant and meat ingredients. They mostly feed at night, and are not active during daytime.

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German Shepherd Information

The German Shepherd is a breed of dog that is known for its loyalty, courage, and ability to retain training for various special services. They are not only generally used by police officers and the military as a drug and contraband detection dogs but also as a search and rescue dogs. They are also used as guide dogs for the blind and guardians. However, a large number of people buy these dogs as a family friend and protector.

Physical Characteristics:

The German Shepherd is a middle sized dog with enough weight to be helpful as a herder or a patrolman. This dog is considered as a combination of nobility, dexterity, power, and grace.

Generally, the weight of a German Shepherd dog is between 75 and 95, with males mostly larger than females. The ideal size of male dogs ranges from 24 to 26 inches at the withers, i.e. top of the shoulder blades, whereas the female dogs should be between 22 and 24 inches.


In order to become a good companion, a sound temperament is of great importance. Since temperament is inherited, therefore it is a direct outcome of the breeding of dog.

The German Shepherd dogs are self confident and noble. At their mature age, they should be friendly and gregarious. They may see strangers with some suspicion; however, they should not be too sharp and hostile as well as cower with fear.

When buying a German Shepherd as a family protector, many people think their dog should be very dominant, and aggressive. Keep in mind that sound German Shepherd dogs are naturally protective of their homes and families. Moreover, if there is a true need for a more serious protection, a competent dog instructor can be hired to train your German shepherd for a formal personal protection purpose.

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