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Facts about Pet Rats

Pet rats are also known as “Fancy Rats”. These are domesticated brown rats that come in a wide variety of colors and coat types. These pets are usually sold in pet stores and by rat breeders. They have some of the most interesting quirks and histories as well as interesting facts that you will surely want to know.

If you have or want to have a rat as pet then you will surely find the following facts about rats interesting and exciting.

  • Rats have quite poor vision as well as they do not see in color.
  • Rats usually want to have cage mates; therefore, female or male rats can be kept together in a cage.
  • Generally, male rats are better ‘lap’ pets as compared to female rats. This is because male rats prefer to sit and have their ears scratched by a human, whereas female rats love to explore and play games and are very curious.
  • Rats like to eat chocolate.
  • Since rats are omnivorous animals, therefore, they can eat smaller pets, including birds, fish and even smaller rodents.
  • Rats do not have canine teeth and thumbs.
  • Red discharge from a rat’s nose or eyes is mostly not blood, but porphyrin. It is fluorescent under UV light. However, overproduction of porphyrin can be caused by stress or illness.
  • A group of rats is called a mischief.

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